nuke compositor
I have varied but relevant past experience as an art director, storyboard artist, lighting experience, online editor and more. There is much to be learned at all stages of the post-production process and how this helps with understanding and mutual respect of coworkers, and more. Soon I will add storyboards from past projects as an art director to my artstation. Same for newer ZBrush renders here to show some progress on that front that I have been making to show proof of my other interests and capacities that I have as a creative.
I do work to post illustrations, paintings, and zbrush samples to my artstation page in order to keep inspired by others and also to make sure that my art skills are pushing forward for my own creative goals. 
Advertised Shot
My composited shot was selected printed in a magazine advert for Nuke Software by Digital Domain. 

At that time, Nuke was a software that was internally developed, before the software was sold to the Foundry for further development. I was excited to have been part of the team that worked on these shot sequences for "Super Ex-Girlfriend" and thrilled to see this selected to help promote Nuke.